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Alesa Twist-Coolex

Ingeniously simple solution for milling tools with innovative cooling of the cutting edge:

The new tool flank-cooling ALESA-TWIST “COOLEX” cutting head AO 15

In a totally new in-house development, with the EMO 13, ALESA is launching a very high grade tool flank-cooling cutting head onto the market. The tool is the latest in the well-known successful line of the ALESA-TWIST family. It is fitted with spiral-design indexable cutting inserts of various carbide and HSS qualities and highest level of PVD – coatings. The innovation consists of the coolant being delivered over the tool flank and onto the cutting edge. This has the benefit that the coolant/lubricant is brought to the optimum place, without needing any special cutting inserts. Any existing HSS and carbide inserts that are suitable for wet–cutting may be used.

The range of newly-created customer benefits is enormous: heat, the main problem when cutting, can now be controlled very efficiently.The classic system used to supply coolants to the rake face and did not allow the coolant to be brought to the hot cutting edge. Even at very high pressure, the coolant cannot be delivered between the rake face and the chip. This “rinsing” fulfils the principle function of removing the chips and cooling the process environment and the workpiece. Particularly with hard-machinable materials, such as titanium, nickel-based & duplex-alloys, it is not possible to remove heat at the cutting edge satisfactorily. The new solution from ALESA means that the lubricant and coolant will be optimally applied into the process, without the discharge of chips having a negative effect. The benefit comes from the fact that well-cooled cutting edges can achieve the required performance, longer and with more process reliability. The only precondition is that the machine is equipped with an internal coolant supply system. No high pressure system is required. A standard system with 10 - 70bar is sufficient to run the TWIST – Coolex efficient.