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Optimised Nutex Tool Holder

The Nutex sawing s New, optimised cooling for the Nutex tool-holder. The coolant/lubricant is equally distributed radially into the tool.

The Swiss toolmaker, ALESA, is launching an optimised Nutex tool-holder. The Nutex sawing system is used in a wide range of applications. Experience has shown that good cooling has a significant influence on performance.

An internal coolant supply works better and should be prior to the external coolant . Tool life and associated cutting figures are significantly improved through using a good coolant/lubricant. What is new is that the coolant openings are positioned radially in the tool-holder. The radially introduced coolant means that the tool is lubricated and cooled in equal measure throughout. The coolant outlet leading directly to the groove means that the coolant can be introduced directly into the process and thereby make a contribution, ensuring that chips are swept away. Even at high cutting speeds (aluminium saws), such as stainless steel, safe sawing applications can only be guaranteed if they are properly cooled.  

This new solution will improve the performance of the Nutex system even further. Although there are no application with this tool-holder in use with internal air MMS yet, we can assure you that the new solution will allow you to achieve better results than with the previous MMS arrangements.