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Paying by Card

Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd accepts secure card payments issued by most banks and card companies through Sage Pay. These include Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 


i) Sage Pay uses a payment gateway on the internet which we use to take payment by card without the need for Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd to hold card information. The card information is held by SagePay and is PCI DSS compliant for your security.

ii) All CREDIT and BUSINESS/COMPANY DEBIT cards are subject to a card fee of 2.35%. Personal Debit cards are not charged. Read more about card fees below.

iii) If you have a CASH account with Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd, you can safely log your card details with us to make payment easier, and allow for your orders to be shipped without delay. If a card fee is applicable, it will show on the invoice. If you wish to avoid this fee, you can choose to pay by BACS/CHAPS or cheque. You can request our bank details by emailing our accounts department.

iv) Please note that the funds must clear prior to the despatch of goods.

v) If you have a CREDIT account with Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd, you can also choose to pay the amounts due by card. Any card fees will be invoiced and collected at the time of payment.


Card Fees


What are card fees?

Card fees or charges are applied by our bank for the collection of funds through the Sage Pay payment gateway. These charges are passed into the customer as a surcharge on the invoice.


Why do some companies charge these fees, and others not?

These fees are always charged by the banks. It is just that some companies choose to pass on the fee, and others absorb the cost. In a consumer market, i.e. supermar kets, garages etc., these charges are normally absorbed into the price because card payment is the most common method of payment. In a Business to Business (B2B) market, like ours where card payment is only one possible method of payment, it would be inappropriate to include these charges in the price of the product for those clients who pay by cheque or bank transfer.


Why are some DEBIT cards subject to a fee?

This question is not uncommon. Personal* debit cards are subject to a transaction charge, but only 20p to 40p on average, and this small amount is covered by us, the merchant. Business debit cards however, are subject to the same percentage rates that are applied to credit cards. The reason for this according to the banks is that there are additional costs involved in collecting funds from business accounts.


*Personal debit cards are those issued to private individuals, not individual business debit cards used by employees of a company. Most business debit cards will have the word ‘Business’ printed on the card similar to this. If you have any questions about the use of business debit cards, we are happy to assist you, or contact your card issuing bank.